My Goals

With my current enthusiasm with Docker I’ve been recently thinking about moving my websites (this one included) to a high availability cluster. Now I could containerize WordPress fairly easily. The complication comes with horizontal scaling. WordPress files are dynamic because of media assets are stored on the web server. There are several ways to over come this but my favorite plan has been to have shared storage serve the web content to multiple web servers. The problem is choosing which kind, something like gluster takes multiple nodes and having a straight NFS server is a single point of failure. Also do I use a managed load balancer or stand up something like HAProxy? I worry that many of these plans either involve single points of failure or unnecessary expense. In the end I may just leave the websites be and stand up a lab for temporary use so I don’t run up a crazy bill. On the plus side my monitoring has improved, I can alert easily on log file patterns and performance health. I’d like to revamp up-time monitoring but simple may be better there. Right now I think I’d just like to get comfortable using Docker Swarm and deploying services to it.

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