Welcome to ServerHobbyist.com! Here you will find my musings, tutorials, and insight into the IT operations world. Once focused on servers I have branched out into Scripting, Coding, Automation, and more. Consider this website an authority on IT infrastructure operations and the magical things that happen when you fuse it with the development world.

The majority of my time is spent working for a financial company. There I build & support servers, including VMWare ESXi and Windows. I’m working to get involved with our Linux infrastructure. The company I work for invests heavily in technology which allows me the opportunity to see enterprise offerings at work. We have high end storage arrays, virtualization hosts with a ton of memory, all with support offerings straight from the source like Microsoft, RedHat, VMWare, and EMC.

My job has allowed me to see both sides, the hobby side where free is the way to go and you have to support it all, and enterprise where there is always someone to call outside the company when something goes wrong. If I find a technology in the hobby realm that has a potential enterprise application I try to share my knowledge at work. I feel that some of the open source technologies out there are better than the equivalent enterprise offerings but only if you have the knowledge to support it in house. I’m always on a quest to instill the mind set of know how the product you use works and not rely on an enterprise support offering for every problem that arises.