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I recently started trying to create a setup that can monitor CPU and RAM usage on a remote server. After quite a bit of thinking I created a SQL database and shell script that saved outputted data into the DB. This wasn’t ideal for remote servers so I created a poor man’s API with Node & Express. It takes a web call from remote systems running a shell script on a schedule. It then saves it to a table and I’m using grafana to visualize the data. Its in a super early state now with no validation but it is functional. Here’s my code for Node:


var express = require('express');

var router = express.Router();

var bodyParser = require('body-parser');

var mysql = require('mysql');

var con = mysql.createConnection({






con.connect(function (err) {

if (err) throwerr;

console.log("Connected to SQL database");


/* GET home page. */

router.get('/', function (req, res, next) {




//sqlInsertPerfmon = "INSERT INTO serverbuilddata (ServerName, CPUCount, RAMCount) VALUES ('" + serverName + "'," + CPUCount + "," + serverMemory + ');'

sqlInsertPerfmon="INSERT INTO perfdata (serverName, CPU, RAM) VALUES ('"+serverName+"',"+CPU+","+RAM+");"

console.log('SQL Statement: '+sqlInsertPerfmon);

con.query(sqlInsertPerfmon, function (err, result) {

if (err) throw(err);

console.log("Performance Data Logged");

res.render('perfmon', { title:'Perfmon', serverName:serverName, CPU:CPU, RAM:RAM });



module.exports = router;

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